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Capo V
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Intro : C   Dm 
I c C an hear the s Am  oft breathing
Of the g F irl that I  Em  love
As  C she lies here be Dm  side me
Asl G eep with th G7  e night
And C  her hair, i Am  n a fine mist
Flo F ats on my p Em  illow
Ref C  lecting the glow
Of  F the wi G nter mo C  onlight
She is soft, she is warm
But my heart remains heavy
And I watch as her breasts
Gently rise, gently fall
For I know with the first light of dawn
I'll be leaving
And tonight will be
All I have left to recall
Oh, what have I done
Why have I done it
I've committed a crime
I've broken the law
For twenty-five dollars
And pieces of silver
I held up and robbed
A hard liquor store
My life seems unreal
My crime an illusion
A scene badly written
In which I must play
Yet I know as I gaze
At my young love beside me
The morning is just a few hours away


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