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Paroles et musique :Paul Simon
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|  Am  |
 Am Hello darkness, my old f G  riend
 G I've come to talk with you ag Am  ain
 Am Because a vision softly F  creepi C  ng
Left its seeds while I w F as sleep C  ing
And the F  vision that was F  planted in my C  brain
Still r C/B emains Am 
Within the G  sound of Am  silence
I N.C.                         n restless dreams I walked a G  lone
 G Narrow streets of cobbles Am  tone
 Am 'Neath the halo of a F  street la C  mp
I turned my collar to the F  cold and  C  damp
When my F  eyes were stabbed by the F  flash of a neon  C  light
That split the C/B  night Am 
 C And touched the s G ound of s Am  ilence
 Am And in the naked light I s G  aw
 G Ten thousand people, maybe m Am  ore
 Am People talking withou F t speakin C  g
People hearing with F out listen C  ing
People writing F  songs that F  voices never s C  hare
And no one C/B  dared Am 
 C Disturb the s G ound of s Am  ilence
 Am "Fools" said I, "You do not  G  know
 G Silence like a cancer g Am  rows
 Am Hear my words that I mig F ht teach yo C  u
Take my arms that I m F ight reach  C  you"
But my F  words, like F  silent raindrops, C  fel C/B l      Am 
 C Echoed in the  G wells of  Am  silence
 Am And the people bowed and p G  rayed
 G To the neon god they m Am  ade
 Am And the sign flashed out i F ts warni C  ng
In the words that it w F as form C  ing
And the sign said, the F  words of the prophets are F  written on the subway w C  alls
And tenement C/B  halls Am 
 C Whispered in  G the sound  N.C.    of sile Am nce." Am 


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