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Single en 1969; Album "Bridge over Troubled Water" (1970)
Paroles :Paul Simon
Musique :Paul Simon
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 A I am just a poor boy, though my story's  E/G# seldom  F#m  told
I have E  squandered my resistance for a E7  pocketful of mumbles, such are A  promises
All l E/G# ies and j F#m est, still a m E an hears what he w D ants to hear and disregards the r A  est
mmmm  E mmmm mmmmmm,  mmm mm mm mmm A  mm
When I  A left my home and my family, I was no more E/G#  than a F#m  boy
In the E  company of strangers, in the E7  quiet of the railway station, A  runnin' scared
 E/G# Laying  F#m low, seeking  E out the poorer  D quarters, where the ragged people  A  go
Looking E  for the places D  only they would A  know
Lie la  F#m lie, lie la C#m  la la lie la lie, lie la F#m  lie
Lie la E  la la lie la lie, la la la la A  lie
Asking A  only workman's wages, I come lookin' E/G#  for a  F#m  job
But I get no o E ffers, just a E7  come-on from the whores on Seventh A  Avenue
 E/G# I do de F#m clare there were  E times when I was  D so lonesome I took some comfort  A  there
La la,  E la la la la  E la   A 
(Instrumental) : A   E/G#   F#m   E   E7   A 
                 E/G#   F#m   E   D   A 
                 E   D   A 
Lie la  F#m lie, lie la C#m  la la lie la lie, lie la F#m  lie
Lie la  E la la lie la lie, la la la la  A  lie
Then I'm  A laying out my winter clothes and wishing E/G#  I was  F#m gone, going  E  home
Where the E  New York City winters aren't A  bleeding me
 C#m Leading meeeeee F#m , going ho E me    E7       A 
In the A  clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter E/G#  by his F#m  trade
And he E  carries the reminders of E7  every glove that laid him down
or A  cut him 'til he cried out
In his anger E/G#  and his F#m  shame, "I am E  leaving,
I am D  leaving, but the fighter still  A  remains"
Mmmm E  mmmm D m    A 
Lie la  F#m lie, lie la C#m  la la lie la lie, lie la F#m  lie
      E                             F#m   C#m 
Lie A   A   A  lie A  lie, A   A   A   A  lie        (ad lib)


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