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Intro : C   G   D   G   D   C   C   G   Em 
It's a  C still life  G water  D  color
Of a  C now late  G after D  noon
As the  C sun shines  G through the  Am  curtain lace
And  G shadows wash the  Em  room
And we  G  sit and drink our coffee
 F Cast in our indifference, like  E  shells upon the shore
You can  D  hear the ocean roar
In the  C dangling  G conver D sation, and the  G super D ficial  C  sighs
The borders of our  G lives Em  .
And you  C read your  G Emily  D  Dickenson
And  C I my  G Robert  D  Frost
And we  C note our  G place with  Am  bookmarkers
That  G measure what we've  Em  lost
Like a  G  poem poorly written
We are  F verses out of rhythm,  E  couplets out of rhyme
In  D  syncopated time
And the  C dangling  G conver D sation, and the  G super D ficial  C  sighs
Are the borders of our  G lives. Em 
Yes we  C speak of  G things that  D  matter
With  C words that  G must be  D  said
Can  C analys G is be  Am  worthwhile
Is the  G theater really  Em  dead ?
And  G  how the room is softly faded
And I  F only kiss your shadow, I  E  cannot feel your hand
You're a  D  stranger now unto me
Lost in the  C dangling  G conver D sation, and the  G super D ficial  C  sighs
In the borders of our  G lives. Em 


Michel V, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2014-04-02
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