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 D Let us be D/C#  lovers, we'll Bm  marry our Bm/A  fortunes t G oget G her  C/G        G 
 D I've got some  D/C# real estate  Bm  here in my bag
 F#m7   So we bought a pack of  B7 cigarettes and Fm7  Mrs Wagner's B9  pies
And  E walked  D off to  A look for D  Ame D/C# r  i c Bm a     Bm/A         G      G      C/G        G 
 D Kahty I  D/C# said as we Bm  borded a G Bm/A reyhound in  G Pittsb G urgh C/G        G 
 D Michigan  D/C# seems like d Bm  ream to me now
 A  It took me four days to hitch hike from Saginaw
 E I've  A come to  E look for A Dmaj7  merica
 Cmaj7 Laughing on the bus playing games with the Dmaj7  faces
 Cmaj7 She said the man in the gabardine suit was a Dmaj7  spy
 G I said be  Gmaj7 carreful his bow tie is really a  D cam'ra D/C# 
 Bm   Bm/A   Bm/Ab   Bm/G   Gmaj7 
 D Toss me a  D/C# cigarette I Bm  think there Bm/A 's one in my  G rain G coat C/G        G 
 D We smoked the  D/C# last one an  Bm hour ago  F#m7 
So  I  looked  at  the  B7  scenery  she   Fm7 read  her  mag B9  azine
And the  E moon  D rose  A over an  D o    D/C#  pen   Bm field Bm/A         G      G      C/G        G 
 D Kathy I'm D/C#  lost I  Bm said though I k Bm/A now she was sl G eepi G ng   C/G        G 
I'm em D pty and  D/C# aching and  Bm  I don't know why
 A  Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike
They've a E ll c A ome to  E look for A Dmaj7  merica
 E All  A come to  E look for A Dmaj7  merica
 D   D/C#   Bm   Bm/A   Em   Em7   A7/4   A7  (Bis)


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