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Capo I
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 C  He was a most peculiar man.
 Dm  That's what Missus Riordon said, and she should know;
 G7 She liv C  ed up stairs from him.
 F She sa G7 id he was a most pe C  culiar man.
 C  He was a most peculiar man.
 Dm He lived all  G7 alone within a house, wit C hin a room, within F  him G7  self.
 C  A most peculiar man.
 C  He had no friends, he seldom spoke,
 Dm  And no one in turn ever spoke to him,
'Cause he wasn't friendly and he didn't care,
 G7 And he wasn't C  like them.
 F Oh, no G7  ! He w F as a m C  ost peculiar man.
 C  He died last Saturday,
 Dm  He  turned on the gas and he went to sleep,
With the windows closed so he'd never wake up
To his silent world and his tiny room,
And Missus Riordon says he has a brother somewhere
 G7 Who should be notif C  ied soon.
 F And al G7 l the p C eople  Am  said, "What a shame that he's dead,
 F But wa G7 sn't he a mos C  t peculiar man ?"


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