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Intro :  
  He's got a smile that it seems to me
Rem  inds me of childhood memories
Where e  verything was as fresh as a bright blue sky  
No  w and then when I see his face
He t  akes me away to that special place
And i  f I stared too long I'd probably break down and cr  y
  Whoa Oh  , Sweet child o'mine W  hoa, Oh,   Oh, Oh Swee  t love o'  mine        
Instrumental :           
  He's got eyes of the bluest skies
As i  f they thought of rain
I ha  te to look into those eyes and se  e an ounce of pain
  His hair reminds me of a warm safe place
Wh  ere as a child I'd hide
And pr  ay for the thunder and the rain To qu  ietly pass me by
  Whoa Oh  , Sweet child o'mine Wh  oa, Oh,   Oh, Oh Sweet lov  e o'min  e        
  Whoa Oh, Oh, Oh   Sweet child o'mine   Oooooo  ooh Sweet lov  e o'min  e        
  Where do we go,   Where do we go now,   Where do we go          
  Where do we go,   Where do we go now,   Where do we go          
  Where do we go,   Sweet child,   where do we go now          
  Aih, Aih, Aih Aih, Ai  h, Aih, Aih Aih, wher  e do we gooooooooooooo           
  Where do we gooo,   sweet child,   where do we go now        
  Where do we gooo  ooooooo,   where do we go now        
  Where do we go,        wh  ere do we go now now-  now-now-now-n  ow-now-now    
Sweet ch  ild, sweet chi .   . . ld   of m  ine    


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