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  Saturday night in a dancing house
I say (yeah yeah yeah ye  ah)                     
  Storming boys staring at my eyes
I say (yeah yeah yeah ye  ah)                     
  You're the o  ne I l  ike
I wanna shar  e my story   tonight  
  Big mama you  're my kind  
Gimme a part   of your precio  us time    
[Refrain :]
Hey yo  u're the on  e I li  ke
I wanna shar  e your love   tonigh  t
I wanna smoke   your speci  al thing   
Let's Ba  ng ban  g bang  
Let's ba  ng, ba  ng, ba  ng
Let's b  ang... ba  ng !
You'd better do your dance  
You'd better take that chanc  e
You'd better move your butt    
You gotta show me what you got       
You wanna check this man    
Jump on the lin  e
You gotta shake that ass    
If you wanna have mine   
It's soon the perfect ti  me
I'm sounding lighter  
You wanna hang, wanna hang      
So do the danc  e and
Ba  ng bang bang   bang bang    
Instrumental :           
  Do the dance mate and I lose cabeza
Ye  ah yea  h yeah   yeah  
You ge  t my ass with the troubleshoot styla
Ye  ah yea  h yeah   yeah  
I w  anna get naughty and no wa  nna doubt
Ye  ah yea  h yeah   yeah  
  The boys over the rainbow is just   what I want
Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah !
Hey yo ch  ic-chica you wanna hang out with the jerk ?     
So b  ring your ass to table !
Wanna hang wanna hang     
So do the danc  e and
Ba  ng bang bang   bang bang !  
  I kill yo, I kill yo, I kill   yo yo yo,   I kill yo


diablouf44diablouf44, version 1.0


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Dernière modification : 2014-02-17
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