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 C  turn around
 C turn around and fix your F  eye in my direction
so t F  here is a connection
 C  I can speak
 C I can make a sound to somehow F  capture your attention
I'm s F taring at perfecti Dm  on
take a look at me so y G  ou can see
 C you call me a stran G  ger
you say I'm a Dm  danger
but all these thoughts a F re leaving G  you toni C  ght
I'm broken and be G  nded
you are an  Dm  angel
making all my  F dreams come  G  true tonight
 C   F   C   F 
 C  I'm confident
 C  but I can't pretend
I wasn't  F  terrified to meet you
 F  I knew you could see right through me
 C  I saw my light flash right before my very eyes
and I need j F  ust what we turn into
 F I was hoping that you coul Dm  d see
take a look at me so  G  you can see
 F you are  G an ang F  el
making all my d G  reams come true tonight
 C take a look at me so you can see how beautiful you F  are...
take a look at me so  G you can see how beautiful you a C  re... (2x)
 C your beauty seems so G  far away
i'll have to  F write a thousand songs to make you G  comprehend
how beautiful you ar C  e
I know that I can't  G  make you stay
but I will  F  give my final breath
to make you unders G  tand
how beautiful you a F  re
understand how beautiful you a G  re..
 C you call me a stran G  ger..
you say I'm a dang F  er
 C you call me a stra G nger F ..   G 


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