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Paroles et musique :Sarah Ann Mclachlan
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It doesn't mean much  , it doesn't mean anything   at all     
  The life I've left beh  ind me is a co  ld one
I've crossed the las  t line from wher  e I cannot turn    
Where eve  ry step I took   in faith betraye  d me        
And let   me fal  l dow  n
  Swee--ee  --ee  --t su  rrender  is   all I ever ha  d      to give     
Take me now,   no quest  ions asked            
  You strip away the othe  rness that surrounds   me
Are you an ange  l, am I alre  ady that gone   
  I just hope that I   won't disappoi  nt you          
When I'm down   here on my k  nees    
  Swee--ee  --ee  --t su  rrender  is   all that I h  ave      to give
  Swee--ee  --ee  --t su  rrender  is   all that I h  ave      to give
And I do  n't understand how the touch   of your hand
  I would be the one to fall  
I miss the li  ttle things      
I miss ev  erything about you  
It doesn't mean much  
It doesn't mean anyt  hing at all   
  The life I've left behi  nd me is a me is a cold   one
  Swee--ee  --ee  --t s  urrender is   all I ever had          to give
  Swee--ee  --ee  --t s  urrender is   all that I h  ave        to give


rosaire, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-08-30
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