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Paroles et musique :Roy Orbison
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Intro :  
  A candy colored clown they c  all the sandman
  tiptoes to my room every n  ight
  Just to sprinkle stardust and to w  hisper
Go to s  leep, everyt  hing is all   right
  I close my eyes, then I drift a  way
into the m  agic night, I softly   say
  A silent prayer, like dreamers   do
then I fall asl  eep to dream, my dreams of   you
  In dreams, I walk, with   you
In d  reams, I t  alk, to   you
In d  reams you're mine,   all the time we're
to  ge...t  her i  n dr  eams, i  n dre  ams
But   just bef  ore the   dawn
  I awake and f  ind you're   gone
  I can't help it, I   can't help it, If I   cry
  I remember, that you said, good  bye
  It's too bad, that a  ll these t  hings
Can   only happen,   in my d  reams
  Only in d  reams, in   beauti  ful d  reams                 
Dm7 (557565)
G7  (353433)


OLI, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-09-26
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