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Paroles et musique :Thomas Kelly, William Steinberg
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Intro : |   |   |   |
  I had to escape
The city was st  icky and cruel
  Maybe I should have called you first
But I was dy  ing to get to   you
  I was dreaming while I drove
The l  ong straight road a  head
Uh-huh, yeah
Could t  aste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide
This fe  ver for you was just burning me up i  nside   
I drove all n  ight    to get to y  ou
  Is that all   right ?
I drove all n  ight,    crept in your ro  om
Woke you from your s  leep to make love to   you
Is that all r  ight ?
I drove all n  ight
What in this world keeps us from falling apart ?
No matter where I go
I hear the beating of our one heart
I think about you when the night is cold and dark
Uh-huh, yeah
No one can move me the way that you do
Nothing erases this feeling between me and you
Could taste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide
This fever for you was just burning me up inside


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