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Paroles et musique :William Rory Gallagher
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Intro : Am   C   Em   Am 
 C Packed my things in an o G vernight bag,
a  Am toothbrush and guitar, got no  Em  tail to drag
Gonna l F eave,  G on the next passing b Am reeze   G 
 C My heart is heavy, as a  G sky full of rain,
 Am mind full of notions, that Em  I just can't explain
The re F asons  G why, just can't be su Am pplied   G 
 Am   C   Em   Am  (2x)
 C Trapped by a heartache, a G nd freed by my will,
s Am entenced to wander, so much Em  time to kill
Hear my  F plea G , and rescue m Am e        G 
 C Packed my sorrows in an  G overnight bag,
but  Am I'll be gone much longer than Em  that
Who knows w F hen, G  we'll meet a Am  gain
 G Too many sleepless n F ights, put my soul on  Am  edge
 G And so many restless mo F ods, lay heavy in m Am y head   G 
 C   G   Am   Em   F   G   Am   G  (2x)
 G Too many sleepless n F ights, put my soul on  Am  edge
 G And so many restless m F oods, lay heavy in m Am y head   G 
 C Wrote down my thoughts, and I sealed  G them in hope,
 Am sent them to you in a blu Em  e envelope
Not re F ceiv G ed, it seems  Am to me    G 
 C I had some things that I w G anted to say,
but m Am y chance, well it  Em  just blew away
On the b F reez G e, like some mys Am tery         G 
 Am   C   Em   Am  (2x)


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