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Paroles et musique :Roch Voisine
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Intro : Bb   Bb   Bb   F   Gm   Eb 
        Bb   F   Eb 
 Bb   Christmas is  F  calling me
 Gm   Singing  Eb  bright and merry
 Bb   When are  F you coming home Eb    my friend
 Bb   Oh, it's been  F  kind for me
 Gm   Friends and  Eb  things to see
 Bb   With deep  F sweet songs that  Cm never end Cm/D 
 Eb   Here comes  F Christmas time a Eb gain  /D       Cm       F7       Bb 
 Bb    Christmas is calling you
Out there alone and blue
When are you coming home again
Cause we've been loving you
God knows, we do
We don't mind the tears that wet your eyes
 Eb   Christmas  F time will keep 'em  Eb dry   /D       Cm 
 Gm   Sometimes  Dm7 merry, Gm   sometimes  Dm7  lonely
 Gm   Sometimes  Dm7 cold in des F pair Eb       Dm       Cm 
 Gm   Sometimes  Dm7 happy, Gm   sometimes  Dm7  holy
 Gm   Sometimes  Dm7 no one  F who  Eb cares Dm       Cm 
Christmas is calling some
Hold your firing guns
Sing it out loud
To high command
Cause we've been losing sons
Ever since day one
Their blood ain't worth your promised land
 Eb   Christmas  F wants to unders Eb tand   F7       Bb 


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