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Paroles :Bertold Brecht
Musique :Richard Desjardins
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 C Many great ones through the  Dm  ages
Have att G ained to e E arthly p Am  ower
Yet they a C ll had their h Dm  our
As we w G itnessed beh E ind our c Am  ages.
Sad it i F s when f Fm ate as fa C  iled to speed them.
But for u F s whose j Fm ob it is C  to feed them,
Whether this on F6 e's high or that one l C  ow
The load on our sh G oulders al E ways g Am  row.
Still the m Am  illwheel turns
It  Bm7(b5) turns fore C  ver
Though what is upp F  ermost
 F#(dim) Remains not  G  so.
The wa Am  ter underneath
In Bm7(b5)  vain ende C  avor,
Does the w F ork but a G lways stays be C  low.
Many are different masters
Who have ruled us in their day
Eagles, hyenas and tigers
Even swine have had their say.
Wich of them was better than the others ?
Every boot's the copy of its brother.
Do you understand what's here intended ?
We don't need no masters, we want all mastery ended.
And they beat their heads
Till they are bloody
scrambling after booty.
Everyone calls the other "rascal"
And himself "the slave of duty".
Time has come away to speed them.
Each in lasting conflict with its brother.
Only our will that we won't feed them
Brings them to peace with one another.


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2005-02-20
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