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 A I can't fight this Amaj7  feeling any  F#m  longer
And  Bm7 yet I'm still afraid to let it f E  low
What st A arted out as f E  riendship
Has grown st Em ronge F#7  r
I only w Bm7 ish I had the strength to let it s E  how
I t A ell myself that I Amaj7  can't hold out f F#m  orever
I  Bm7 say there is no reason for my  E  fear
Cause  A I feel so se E cure when we're  Em toget F#7  her
You g Bm7 ive my life d C#m  irection
You make  D everything so c E  lear
And  D even as I wander I'm  C#m  keeping you in sight
You're a c D  andle in the window
On a c A old dark winter's  E  night
And  D I'm getting c E lose F#m  r than
I ever thought I m E ight D 
And  D I can't fight this fee A ling a Bm7 nymore D 
I've forgotten what I st A arted fighting Bm7  for   D 
It's time to bring this sh A ip into the  Bm7  shore
And t C#m hrow away the  D oars f E orev D  er
Cause  D I can't fight this  A feeling a Bm7 nymore D 
I've forgotten what I st A arted fighting Bm7  for
And  D if I have to c A rawl upon the Bm7  floor
Come c C#m rashing through your  D  door
Baby  E I can't fight this feeling anym A  ore
My l A ife has been such a  Amaj7 whirlwind since  F#m  I saw you
I've been r Bm7 unning 'round in circles in my  E  mind
And it  A always seems that I'm  E followin Em g you F#7  girl
Cause you  Bm7 take me to the  C#m  places
That al D one I'd never  E  find


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