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P  ardon me boy is t  his the C  hattanooga C  hoo Choo
T  rack twenty n  ine boy you can give me a s  hine
I can afford to b  oard the C  hattanooga C  hoo Choo
I've got my f  are and j  ust a t  rifle to s  pare
You leave the P  ennsylvania S  tation bout a q  uarter to four
Read a magaz  ine and then you're i  n Baltim  ore
D  inner in the d  iner n  othing could be f  iner
T  han to have your ham and e  ggs in Carol  ina
W  hen you hear the w  histle blowing e  ight to the   bar
T  hen you know that T  ennessee is n  ot very f  ar
S  hovel all the c  oal in g  otta keep a r  olling
Woo woo C  hattanooga there you a  re
There's gonna b  e a c  ertain p  arty at the s  tation
Satin and l  ace I used to call fu  nny fa  ce
She's gonna cry until I t  ell her that I'll n  ever roam
So C  hattanooga c  hoo choo w  on't you c  hoo-choo me h  ome
Chattanooga c  hoo choo w  on't you c  hoo-choo me h  ome


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2014-06-06
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