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Paroles et musique :Freddie Mercury
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 G Any  D/F# ...  bo. Em .. dy C 
 D7/4  Find me
 C Somebody D  to  G love G      D/F#         Em 
Oh, each morning I g C et u D  p I die a little
Can  G barely s A7 tand on my D  feet
(Take a l G ook at yourself)Take a D/F#  look in the Em  mirror and cry
 A7 Lord what you're doing to D  me
I have to s G pend all my A7  years in b D  elieving you
But I just can't  A7 get no re D lief C  , Lord
 G  Somebody (somebody) ooh somebody (somebody)
Can  G anyb D/F# ody fin Em d me  C      D7/4 
somebody to l G ove  D/F# ?       Em       C      D 
I work  G hard (he works hard) every D/F#  day of my Em  life
I w G ork till I A7  ache m D  y bones
At the e G nd ( D/F#  at the end of the day)
 Em  I take home my A7  hard earned pay all on my D  own
I get  G down (down) on my A7  knees (knees)
And I s D  tart to pray (praise the Lord)
Till the tears run  A7 down from my D  eye C  s
Lord s G  omebody (somebody) ooh somebody (please)
Can  G anyb D/F# ody fin Em d me  C      D7/4 
somebody to l G ove  G7  ?
 C  (He works hard)
I  C7  try and I try and I try
But  F  everybody wants to put me down
They say  Fm  I'm going crazy
 A7  They say I got a lot of water in my brain
Got no common sense
I got nobody left to bel D  ieve
Yeah - yeah yeah yeah ...


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