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Capo I
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Intro : C   C   Am   E   Bb   Eb   B   C   F   G   G 
        G   D   Em   C   G   D    C   G 
        G   D   Em   C   Cmaj7   D7   G 
In the y D ear of '39 assembled Em  here the volunteers
In the da C ys when  G lands were D  few
Here the  Em ship sailed Em7  out into the C  blue and sunny mornin'
The  D4 sweetest D  sight ever G  seen.
And the n D ight followed day, and the s Eb(dim)(xx1202) tory tellers say
That the s Em core brave   Em/F# souls   Em/G in  -   Am  side
For ma G ny a lonely day sailed a D7  cross the milky seas
 C Never Em  looked back, C  neve D7 r fear C ed, never G  cried. D7 
Don't you h G ear my call, though you're C  many years G  away,
Don't you  G hear me calling D7  you
Write your  G letter D/F# s in the Em  sand D2  for the C  day  G/B I take your Am  hand
In the l G and that our  D7 grand-children G  knew.
 Eb   Eb6   Eb   Cm   Cm   A   A 
 C   C9(#11)(X34010)  C   Am   Am   E   E   Bb   Eb   B   C   F   G 
In the  D year of '39 came a  Em  ship in from the blue
The volun C teers came  G home that D  day
And they  Em bring good  Em7 news of a  C  world so newly born
Though their  D4 hearts so D  heavily G  weigh
For the e D arth is old and grey, little d Eb(dim)  arling we'll away
But my l Em ove this   Em   can F#   -   Em/G not     Am  be
Oh so  G many years have gone now I'm D7  older but a year
Your  C mother's  Em eyes,  C from your  D7 eyes  C cry to  G me.    D7 
Don't you  G hear my call though you're  C many years G  away
Don't you h G ear me calling D7  you
Write your l G etters D/F#  in the Em  sand D2  for th C e day Ill G/B  take your Am  hand
In the  G land that our  D7 grandchildren G  knew.  D7 
Don't you  G hear my call though you're C  many years G  away
Don't you  G hear me calling D7  you
All your  G letters  D/F# in the  Em sand  D2 cannot C  heal me G/B  like you Am  r hand
For my  Em life, still  D7 ahead, pity  G  me.
 G   D   Em   C   Cmaj7   D7   G   C   G 


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