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Capo III
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 Dm All the leaves on the Giving Tree have  F  fallen
No shade to cr Gm awl in undern F eath    C 
 Dm    I've got scars from a pocket knife
Where  F you carved  Gm your heart into  F me    C 
[Refrain :]
If  A# all you want F  ed was love
Why would you  C use me  F  up
Cut me  A# down, build a  C boat, and sail  F away  F7 
When all I  A# wanted to  F be was  A7 your giving  Dm tree  C 
Settle  A# down, build a  C home, and make you  F  happy ?
 Dm   I lie in the dead of night and I  F  wonder
Whose  Gm covers you're bet F ween  C 
 Dm    And it's sad laying in his bed
You feel  F hollow, so you  Gm crawl home back to  F me   C 
 Gm  Well, I see a trail that starts
 A# A line of broken hearts  F  behind you
That lead you  C back to me
 Gm  The once sad and lonely fool
 A# With nothing left but roots to  C show, oh o C7 h


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