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Paroles :Roger Water
Musique :David Gilmour
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Intro : Em7 (xx2033)  G   Em7   G   Em7   Am7/4 (x02033)  Em7   Am7/4   G   G 
 C So, so you think you can  D  tell,
heaven from h Am  ell ?
Blue skies from p G  ain ?
Can you tell a green  D  field,
from a cold steel  C  rail ?
A smile from a Am  veil ?
Do you think you can  G  tell ?
Did they get you to  C  trade,
your heroes for  D  ghosts ?
Hot ashes for  Am  trees ?
Hot air for a  G  cool breeze ?
Cold comfort for  D  change
And did you ex C  change,
a walk-on part in the  Am  war,
for a lead role in a  G  cage...
Instrumental : Em7   G   Em7   G   Em7   Am7/4   Em7   Am7/4   G   G 
 C How I wish, how I wish you were  D  here
We're just  Am two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl G , year after year   D 
Running over the same old ground C , what have we found - the same old  Am  fears ?
Wish you were  G  here


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