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  Hello, Is there any body   in there ?
Just nod if you can   hear me,    is th  ere any  one at home ?
C  ome on now I hear you're   feelin'down
Well,   I can ease   your pa  in, get you   on your feet again.
Relax, I need some infor  mation, first,  jus  t th  e basic   facts,
Can you s  how me where it hurts
T  here is no pain you are rec  eding,
A   distant ship smokes on the hor  izon,  
Y  ou are only coming through in w  aves,
Y  our lips move, but I can't hear what your sayin  g,
When   I was a child, I had a   fever,
My   hands felt just like, two ba  llons  ,
N  ow I've got that feeling once again  ,
I   can't explain, you would not und  erstand,
This is not how I am,   
I    ha  ve b  ecome, comf  ortably numb.     
  O.K., just a little pi  n prick, there'll be no   more   (screa  m),
But you may   feel a little sick.  Can you stand up ?
I do believe it's w  orking, good. That'll keep you   going throug  ht the   show,
C  'mon it's time to go
T  here is no pain you are rece  ding,
A   distant ships smoke on the hor  izon,  
Y  ou are only coming through in wa  ves,
Your   lips move, but I can't hear what your sa  ying,
When   I was a child, I caught a fle  eting glimpse,
O  ut of the corner of my e  ye,   
I   turned to look, but it was go  ne,
I can not put my finger on   it now,
The child is grown, the drea  m is gone,
A  nd I          have be  come comfortably   numb.


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-01-16
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