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Paroles et musique :George Roger Waters
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Da Dm ddy's flown across the ocean
Leaving just a memory
A snapshot in the family album
Daddy what else did you leave for m G e
Da Gm ddy what d'ya leave behind for me Dm 
Al F l in all it was  C just a brick in the w Dm all(x2)
We Dm  don't need no education
We Dm  don't need no thought control
No Dm  dark sarcasm in the classroom
Te Dm achers leave them kids alone  G 
He G y teacher leave them kids al Dm one
Al F l in all it's just an C other brick in the w Dm all (x2)
I Dm  don't need no arms around me   Dm7 
I Dm  don't need no drugs to calm me  Dm7 
I Dm  have seen the writing on the wall
D Dm on't think I need anything at all  G 
No don't think I need anything at all  Dm 
Al F l in all it was al C l just bricks in the  Dm wall (x2)
Wh G en we Am  grew up and went to school
There were certain teachers who w G ould
Hu Am rt the children a C ny way they  Am could
By Am  pouring their derision upon a F nything we did
Ex Am posing every weakness, how Em ever carefully hidden by the  Am kids
But in the t D own it was well known when they got h Bb ome at night
Their fat and psychopa Gm thic wives would thrash them
Within in C7 ches of their lives


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