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Paroles et musique :Tony Hatch
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Intro : E   A/E   B/E  (2x)
 E When you're alone and life is A/E  making you B/E  lonely
You can a E  lways go
 A/E Downto B/E  wn
When you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know
Just l E isten to the music of the t C#m  raffic in the city
L E inger on the sidewalk where the n C#m  eon signs are pretty
 G#m7  How can you lose
 A The  B/A lights  A are  B/A much b A righ B/A ter th A  ere
 B/A You ca A n fo B/A rget a F#7  ll your troubles, forget all your cares, and go
 E/B  Downt Emaj7/B  own
 A/B Things'll be g B  reat when you're
 E/B  Downt Emaj7/B  own
 A/B You'll find a pl B  ace for sure
 E/B  Downt Emaj7/B  own
 A/B Everything's wa B  iting for you
 E(Dow A/B ntown) Emaj7          A/B 
 E(Dow A/B ntown) Emaj7          A/B 
D E on't hang  Emaj7 around and let your p A/E roblems surr B/E  ound you
There are m E ovie  Emaj7  shows
 A/E Downto B/E  wn
Maybe you know some little places to go to
Where they never close
Just listen to the rhythm of the gentle Bossa Nova
You'll be dancing with 'em too before the night is over
Happy again
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, and go
Where all the lights are bright
Waiting for you tonight
You're gonna be all right now
(D E ownt A/B own)   Emaj7          A/B 
(D F ownt Bb/C own)    Fmaj7          Bb/C 
Instrumental : (2x)
 F   Fmaj7   Bb/F   C/F 
 F        Am     (D Bb owntow C  n)
And y F ou may find somebody kind to h Dm  elp and understand you
S F omeone who is just like you and ne Dm  eds a gentle hand to
G Am7  uide them along
 Bb   So  C/Bb maybe   Bb I'll  C/Bb see you Bb  ther C/Bb e       Bb 
 C/Bb  We can Bb   for C/Bb get all G7  our troubles, forget all our cares, let's go
 F/C Downto Fmaj7/C  wn
 Bb/C Things'll be gr C  eat when you're
 F/C Downto Fmaj7/C  wn
 Bb/C Don't wait a m C  inute more
 F/C Downto Fmaj7/C  wn
 Bb/C Everything's w C  aiting for you
(D F ownt Bb/C own)    Fmaj7          Bb/C 
(D F ownt Bb/C own)    Fmaj7          Bb/C 
(D F ownt Bb/C own)    Fmaj7          Bb/C 


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