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Paroles et musique :Peter Kenneth Frampton
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  I wonder how you're feeling there'  s ringing in my ears.
And no   one to relate to 'cept the   sea.    
  Who can I believe in ?  I'm    kneeling on the floor.
There ha  s to be a force.  Who d  o I phone ?
The st  ars are out and shining.  But all   I really want to know
Oh wo  n't you show me the way      
I want y  ou show me the way                
  Well, I can see no reason.. you   living on your nerves
When som  eone drop a cup and I submer  ge     
  I'm swimming in a circle ... I   feel I'm going down
There ha  s to be a fool to play   my part
  Someone thought of healing..  But all I r  eally want to know
Oh wo  n't you show me the   way
I want y  ou show me the   way         
Instrumental :           
  I wonder if I'm dreaming  I   feel so unashamed
I   can't believe this is happening to me.  
  I watch you when you're sleeping
And then I wan  t to take your love
Oh won't   you show me the w  ay
I want   you day after   day


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