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Capo III
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Intro : C ...  Am  ...
He C ar the sirens  Hear th Am  e sirens
 C Hear the sirens, Hear the circus so profou Am  nd
 C I hear the sirens, more and more in this here town    Am 
G Let me G/A  catch my G/B  breath G/D ) to brea =  th G *e and reach ac C(add9) ross the bed    Em 
 G *Just to know were safe I  C(add9) am a grateful ma Am  n
 G *This life has been a light and I c C(add9) an see cle Em  ar
 Am I could take your hand, C  and feel your breat G  h
or feel this som Dm  eday will be over
 Am I hold you cl C ose, so much  G  to lose
knowing that nothing las Dm ts for Dm/A  ever
 F I didnt ca C re before you were here G 
I danced with laughter wi Dm th the ever after   Dm/A 
 F But all things c C hange. Let this remain.  G ...
 C Hear the sirens covering distance in the night    Am 
 C The sound echoing closer, will they come for me next tim Am  e ?
 G *Oh every choice, mistake I've made, it's  C(add9) not my plan   Em 
 G *to send you in the arms of anoth C(add9) er man        Am 
 G *And if you choose to stay, I'll wait, Il C(add9) l understand Em 
 Am Its a fragile thi C ng, this life we lead      G 
If I think too muc Dm  h, I cant get over
 Am Wound by the grac C e by which we live    G 
our lives with deat Dm h over our shoulder   Dm/A 
 F Want you to k C now that should I go    G 
I always loved you, h Dm eld you high abov Dm/A  e too
 F I study your fa C ce, the fear goes away   G 
Instrumental : C  ...  Am  ...  C ...  Am 
The fear goes aw Dm  ay
The fear goes awa F y         C 
The fear goes aw G ay.. Aa aa  A Dm a aa  Aa F  aa  C  Aa G  aa ... Dm              F 


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