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 E Sheets of empty  A(sus2) canvas, untouched  E sheets of clay  A(sus2) 
Were  E laid spread out be A fore me as her  E  body once did
 E All five hor A(sus2) izons revolved  E around her soul  A(sus2)  as the earth to the sun
 E Now the air I  A tasted and breathed has  E  taken a turn
 C Hmmmm, and all I taught her was every Em  thing
 C Hmmmm, I know she gave me all that  Em  she wore
And now my  D  bitter hands,
Chafe  C  beneath clouds
Of what was  Em  everything
Oh, the  D  pictures
Have all been  C  washed in black
Tattooed everyt Em  hing
 E I take a  A(sus2) walk outside I'm sur E rounded by some  A(sus2)  kids at play
Oh,  E I can feel their  A laughter so,  E  why do I sear
 C Hmmmm, and twisted thoughts that spin 'round my  Em  head, I'm spinning, oh
I' C m spinning, How quick the sun can drop a Em  way
And now my  D  bitter hands
Cradle  C  broken glass
Of what was ever Em  ything
All the  D  pictures have
All been  C  washed in black
Tattooed ever Em  ything
All the  D  love gone bad
Turned my  C  world to black
And tattooed all  D  I see,
All that  C  I am,
All I'll  Em  be
 D   Ye C ah  Uh Em  huh  Uh D  huh     C 
I  Em  know someday you'll have a beautiful life,
I  D know you'll be a star in so C  mebody elses sky
But  Em why, why,  D why can't it  C  be,
 C Why can't it be mi Em ne      D         C 


WonderfullJoe, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2015-08-12
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