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 G My girlfriend, D  my dum C  b donut
 G Went up to a party just the C  othe D  r night
 G But three hours later and D  seven shots of C  jäger
 G She was in the bedroom with a C nothe D  r guy
[Refrain :]
And I d G on't really wanna know D      C 
So don't  G tell me anymore D      C 
And I r G eally don't wanna hear D      C 
 G About her feet all up in the D  air C 
And well  G I'm not the one who D  acted like  C  a hoe
 G Why must I be the  D one who has to C  know ?
 G I'm not the one who D  messed up big C  time
So s G pare me the details D  if you don G  't mind
Now  G I can understand D  friends who wann C  a tell me
They  G think they're gonna help me, open C  up m D  y eyes
But the  G play by play D  makes me wann C  a lose it
 G Every time you do it man, it C  turns th D  e knife
Now I don't need to hear about the sounds they were makin'
And I don't need to hear about how long it was takin'
Or how the walls they were shakin'
Now  G lying in bed D  wallowing i C  n sorrow
 G Missin'the tomorrow that we C  could hav D  e had
Running t G hrough my head, C  over an D  d over
 G Things I never told her that just C  make m D  e sad
And it d G rives me insane D  sittin with  C  a vision
 G stuck with that image burned C  into m D  y brain
And I  G feel so dumb that D  I could eve C  r trust her
When s G omeone else  C fucked her, the D n walked  G  away
 G Cuz I  D don' C  t wanna know
Don't wanna know
(Spare me the details if you don't mind)
Don't wanna know
(Spare me the details if you don't mind)
Don't wanna know...


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Dernière modification : 2013-03-02
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