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Capo IV
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 C  My baby don't F  mess around
Because she loves me so
And this I k G now for s Am7  ure...
 C  Uh, But does she F  really wanna
But can't stand to see me
Walk o G ut the d Am  oor...
 C  Can't stand  F  to fight the feelin'
Because the thought alone is killing m G e right no Am  w...
 C  Thank god for mom F  and dad
For sticking two together
'Cause we d G on't know h Am  ow...
 C  Hey... F  Ya...
 G  Hey Am7  Ya...
 C  You think you've got it
 F  Ohh, you think you've got it
But got it just don't get it
Till'there's no G thing at al Am  l..
 C  We get together
 F  Oh, we get together
But seperate's always better when there's f G eelings i Am  nvolved
 C  If what they say is F  "Nothing is forever"
Then w G hat makes, Then w Am  hat makes, Then what makes
Then what makes, then what makes, Love the exception
 C  So why you, F  why you
Why you, why you, why you are we so in denial
When we k G now we're not happy h Am  eeeerrreeee...
 C  Alright now F  fellas
Now what's cooler than b G ein'co C  ol ?
I can't hear  F  ya'now
I say what's c G ooler than bein'co C  ol ?
Now alright (repeats multiple times, just play verse chords)
Now l C adies F , yeah we're gonna bring it down in just a few  G seconds  Am  here
 C  Don't make me F  bring it down for nothin'
 C  I wanna see you on y'all's baddest behavior
 F      G  Lend me some sugar
 Am  I am C  your neighbor


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