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Intro :   (        ) (x2)               
What did you s  ay I   know I s  aw you s  aying it my   ears wo  n't stop
Stop r  inging long enough to h  ear th  ose sweet w  ords wh  at did you s  ay
And now the d  ay the   hour hand h  as sp  un b  efore the n  ight is d  one
I just have to h  ear th  ose sweet w  ords spoken like a m  elody  
All your l  ove Is a l  ost ball  oon rising   up thr  ough the   afte  rnoon      
'Til it could f  it on the head of a p  in                  come on in   
Did you   have a h  ard time sl  eeping 'Cause a   heavy mo  on was ke  eping
You awake   and   all I know   is I'm just glad to s  ee you ag  ain
Instrumental :   (        ) (x2)               
See my l  ove Like a l  ost ball  oon Rising   up thr  ough the   afte  rnoon and  
Then you app  ear            w  hat did you say   I kn  ow  you   sayi  ng it My ea  rs
W  on't stop r  inging long enough to h  ear th  ose sweet w  ords and your
Simple m  elody   I just have to he  ar yo  ur sweet wo  rds spoken like
A m  elody   I just wanna he  ar tho  se sweet wo  rds           


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