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Capo III
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  • D
  • E♭
  • E
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  • G♭
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  • A♭
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Intro :                    
I,   waited '  til I   saw the sun   
    I  don't know   why I   didn't  come  
    I left you   by the   house of fun     
    I don't know   why I   didn't come    
    Don't know   why I   didn't come     
   When I   saw the   break of day   
   I wished that I   could f  ly away    
  'Stead of   kneeling in   the sand       
   Catching   teardrops   in my            hand
My   heart is d  renched in   wine    
But y  ou'll be   on my   mind
  For  e  v......e  r
    Out  a  cross the   endless sea    
   I would   die in e  cstasy        
   But I'll   be a bag of   bones      
   Driving   down the   road alone   
   My  heart is   drenched in   wine
  You'll be   on  my  m  ind
  For  ev…..  er
    Something   has to   make you run   
    I don't know   why I   didn't com  e
    Feel as   empty as   a drum         
I   don't know   why I   didn't come      (x3) 
A7     : XO2O2O
B7     : X212O2
Cmaj7  : X32OOO
D      : XXO232
D5/C   : X3O23X
C      : X32O1O
D6/B   : X2O232
D7     : XXO212
D7/2/E : OOO21O
Em7    : O2OOOO
G      : 32OOO3
G7     : 323OO3
Gmaj7  : 32OOO2


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