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Intro :


My  D true love drowned in a  F#m  dirty old pan
Of  G oil that did run from the  D  block
Of a  Bm falcon sedan nine G teen sixty nine   Em 
The  G paper said '7 D  5
There  D  were no survivors
 G None found a D  live
 D Trees break the sidewaaa F#m  aaalk
And the  G sidewalk skins my  D  knees
There's  Bm  glass in my thermos
And  G  blood on my jeans
 Bm Nickels and dimes of the  G  fourth of july
 Bm Roll off in a  G  crooked line
To the chain-link lots
where the red tails  D  dive
Oh how I forg D ot what it's  G  like
 D  Hey, when she sings, when she sings
when she sings like she  Gmaj7  runs
Moves like she  Em  runs
 D  Hey, when she moves, when she moves
when she moves like she  Gmaj7  runs
Moves like she  Em  runs
 D  Hey there, there's such tender wolves
oeround G  town tonight
Round the  Em  town tonight
 D  Hey there, there's such tender wolves
oeround Gmaj7  town tonight
Round the  Em  town tonight
 D Hey pretty baby get  F#m  high with me,
We can  G go to my sisters if we  D  say we'll watch the baby
The  Bm look on your face yanks my  G  neck on the chain
And  Bm  I would do anything (I would do anything)
To see you a D  gain
So I've fallen be D hiiiiiin G  doe
 D Go on, go on  F#m  scream and cry
You're  G miles from where anyone will  D  find you
This is  Bm nothing new, no  G  television crew
They  G don't even put on the  D  sirens
My nightgown sweeps the pavement
Please don't let him die
Oh how I forgot...


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-06-01
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