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Want to   get it all behind me
  You know everything reminds me
  I can't be myself without you
Want to   crawl down deep in  side
  The springs inside the mattress
  Where I cry my dirty secrets
  'Cause I just can't shake this fe  eling
That I'm no  thing in your ey  es           
And if I   knew heartbreak was coming
  I would've set out running         
  Past the city houses
And the   ditches on the highway        
  Weave between the seasons
  Under bridges in the valley
  'Til the winds out on the   prarie
Whipped the   tears from my   eyes
(Couplet instrumental)
(Refrain instrumental)
And if I   knew heartbreak was coming
I   would've set out running
'Cause   I just can't shake this   feeling
That I'm   nothing in your   eyes.


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-06-04
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