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Intro :      (x2)
  Everything's so easy for Pau  line
  Everything's so easy for Pau  line
  Ancient strings set feet a light to   speed to her such mild grace
No   monument of tacky gold
They   smoothed her hair with   cinnamon waves
And they   placed an ingot   in her breast
to burn   cool and col  lected
  Fate holds her firm in its   cradle
and then   rolls her for a tender pause to   savor
  Everything's so easy for Pau  line             
  Girl with the parking lot e  yes
  Margaret is the fragments of a   name
Her   bravery is mistaken for the   thrashing in the lake
Of the   make-believe monster whose   picture was faked
  Margaret is the fragments of a   name
Her   love pours like a fountain Her   love steams like rage
Her   jaw aches from wanting and she's   sick from chlorine
But she'll   never be as clean
As the   cool side of satin, Pau  line
Pau  liiiiiin  e
  Two girls ride the blue   line
  Two girls walk down the same   street
  One left her sweater   sittin'on the train
The   other lost three fingers at the   cannery
  Everything's so   easy for Pau  liiiiii  ne
For Pau  liiiii  ne
For Pau  liiiiin  e


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