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Intro : D   Dm   D   D  (x2)
 Bm Who you led you to this hiding  D  place
This l Bm ightning thread-spun silver t D  unnels
 Bm Red bells beckon you to  D  ride
 Bm hand print on the driver's  D  side
 Bm  it looks a lot like engine oil
and  D  tastes like being poor and small
and  Bm popsicles in su D  mmer
 Bm deep red  D  bells
 Bm deep as I've been  Bm  done
it always has to come to this
the red bells ring this tragic hour
we've lost sight of the overpass
the daylight won't remember that
the speckled fawns grazed 'round your bones
who took the time to fold you clothes
and shook the valley of the shadow
deep red bells
deep as I've been done
 Bm   D  ...  G 
where does this mean world cast its cold eye ?
who's left to suffer long about you
does your soul cast about like an old paper bag
past empty lots life and early graves
but those like you who lost there way
murdered on the interstate
while the red bells rang like thunder
oh, deep red bells
deep as I've been done...


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-06-04
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