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Capo I
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D  ead inside
R  evere a million pray  ers
And draw   me into the ho  liness
But there's nothing th  ere
Light only shi  nes
From those who sha  re
U  nleash a million dro  nes
And confi  ne me then era  se me babe
Do you have no so  ul
It's like it died  
Long ago  
Your li  ps feel warm to t  he touch
You can bri  ng me back to lif  e
On the out  side you're abla  ze and alive   
But you're de  ad inside
Y  ou're free to touch the s  ky
Whilst I   am crushed and pu  lverised
Because you need control  
Now I'm the on  e letting go  
You like to give an i  nch
Whilst I   am giving infi  nity
But now I've got nothing le  ft
You have no ca  res
And I'm bereft  
Your ski  n feels warm to   caress
I see ma  gic in your ey  es
On the ou  tside your abla  ze and alive   
But you're de  ad inside
F  eel me now
H  old me please
I nee  d to see who I a  m
Open u  p to me
Stop hi  ding from me
It's hu  rting babe
Only yo  u can stop the pain
Don't lea  ve me out in the col  d
Don't lea  ve me out to di  e
I g  ave you ev  erything
I can't give you a  nymore
Now I've beco  me just like you  
My li  ps feel warm to t  he touch
But my wo  rds seem so ali  ve
My sk  in is warm to c  aress
I'll contro  l and hypnoti  se
You've taught me to li  e without a tr  ace
and to ki  ll with no remo  rse
On the ou  tside I'm the gre  atest guy   
Now I'm d  ead inside


Vale_RayVale_Ray, version 1.0


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Dernière modification : 2022-11-21
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