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  I'm ready, ready as anybody can be
I'm   ready, ready as anybody can   be
I'm   ready for you,
I   hope you're ready for   me.     
I (Riff) N.C.   got an axe-  hounds face ma (Riff) de on a graveyard frame
(Riff) (Riff)
Shootin'tombstone bullets, wearin'ball and chain
(Riff) (Riff)
I'm drinkin'TNT, smokin'dynamite
I (Riff)            (Riff)   hope some  ///////// art a fight
[Refrain :]
'Cause I'  m ready, ready as anybody c  an be
Now I'm   ready for you,
I   hope you're ready for   me.   
All you pretty little chicks with your pretty little hair,
I know you think that I ain't nowhere
But stop what your doin'an'look over here,
I'll prove to ya, baby, that I ain't no square
I been drinkin'gin like never before
I feel so good, babe, I want you to know
One more drink, and I wish you would
I takes a whole lotta lovin'to make me feel good, cause


hcl1969ma, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2014-12-19
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