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There's a  A  name on the wall
But you  Am  can't make it out
There's a  A  noise in the hall
But there's  Am  no one about
So you  G  sneak out of bed
 F Hoping you'll  D9 catch Ange A  line
You're  C9  eyes are growing dark
As you  D9 fold out your  E7 heart, Ange A  line
There's a  A  crack in the window
Some  Am  snow on the floor
There's a  A  wind out there howling
But you  Am  want to make sure
As you  G  light up a candle
She  F knocks on your  D9 door, Ange A  line
Your  C9  face is growing pale
As you  D9 spell out her  E7 name, Ange A  line
 C Angeline, you've got  G  nothing to fear
It's  F only me, you're  D  in for a treat
 C Angeline, I G  wish you'd see
The  F other me, the  D9 one you're about to release  A 
You've  A  heard all about her
But you  Am  haven't seen her face
When she  A  enters your room
You're no  Am  longer afraid
'Cause you  G  know that if you'll die
You'll  F die with a smile, Ange A  line
So you just  C9  stare for a while
When  D9 closing your  E7 eyes, you be A  lieve
Her  A  hair is untidy
But her  Am  eyes they look mild
She's got a  A  rope hanging around her
It was  Am  made for a child
As she  G  unfolds her gown
You see her  F shoulders, they're  D9 burnt from the sun  A 
You  C9  stretch out your hand,
Just to  D9 see if you  E7 can, but then she's  A  gone


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Dernière modification : 2006-12-08
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