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Intro : Am   C   F   Dm  (4x)
 Am Alison wrote me a s C ong and told me to list F en   Dm 
She picked u Am p her guitar and started h C  umming
her melody F      Dm 
I rem Am ember wanting to kn C ow if she needed ass F ista Dm  nce
She said "W Am hy don't you try, you might stri C  ke
the right chord in me" F      Dm 
 G What's it to you n F  ow
You're going d Em own   F 
 Am Nobody laughed when  C Alison thought she'd be f F amou Dm  s
Although n Am obody really kn C ew that she had a voice F      Dm 
 Am Alison hit # C 1 in the start of Sept F embe Dm  r
And by Chr Am istmas she was already s C  inging about
other boys F      Dm 
 Am So, it was s C even inches of gold produced by des F ire  Dm 
But f Am ifteen minutes of f C  ame was more than
she could share F      Dm 
Now,  Am Alison's got a new f C avorite taking her h F ighe Dm  r
And  Am I'm just a kid trying to w C ork my way outta here F      Dm 
 Am When Alison's band fell ap C art, she wrote me a l F ette Dm  r
I gu Am ess she was trying to th C ank me for letting her go F      Dm 
She said she'd k Am eep on playing her s C  ongs in lack of
something b F ette Dm  r
But I b Am et she was wondering h C  ow she would do
back home F      Dm 


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