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 G I hopped of the plane C(add9)  at LAX
with  D a dream and my car C  digan
 G welcome to the land of fa C(add9)  me excess, (Whoo)
 D am I gonna fi C  t in ?
 G  Jumped in the cab,
 C(add9)  Here I am for the first time
 D Look to the right and I  C  see the Hollywood sign
 G This is all so c C(add9)  razy
 D Everybody seems  C  so famous
 G My tummys turnin and I C(add9)  'm feelin kinda home sick
 D Too much pressure a C  nd I'm nervous,
That's G  when the taxi man turned  C(add9)  on the radio
 G and a Jay Z song was on
 C(add9) and the Jay Z song was on
 D and the Jay Z song was on
Refrain :
 D So I put my G  hands up
 C(add9)  They're playing my song,
 D And the butterflys f C  ly away
 G Noddin'my head like y C(add9)  ea
 G Movin my hips like C  yea
 G  I got my hands up,
 C(add9)  They're playin my song
 D I know im gonna be C  ok
 G Yea, C(add9)  It's a part D y in the USA    C 
Yea, It's a party in the USA
 G Get to the club in my  C(add9)  taxi cab
 D Everybody's lookin at me C  now
 G Like '#8220;whos that chick,  C(add9)  thats rockin'kicks ?
 D She gotta be from out o C  f town...
 G So hard with my  C(add9)  girls all around me
 D Its definitely not a C  Nashville party
 G Cause'all I see are s C(add9)  tilletos
 D I guess I never got th C  e memo
 G My tummys turnin and I'm C(add9)  feelin kinda home sick
 D Too much pressure and I' C  m nervous
 G That's when the D.J. dropped m C(add9)  y favorite tune
 G  and a Britney song was on
 C(add9) and the Britney song was on
 D  and the Britney song was on
Refrain (x2)
 G Feel like C(add9)  hoppin'on a fligh C t (on a f D  light)
Back to my hometown tonight (town tonight)
Something stops me everytime (everytime)
The DJ plays my song and I feel alright
Refrain (x2)


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