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Paroles et musique :Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson
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 Am Say, say, Am7  say what yo D  u want,
but  Dm7 don't play games with my Am  affection.
 Am Take, take, Am7  take what yo D  u need,
but  Dm7 don't leave me with no di Am  rection.
 Dm All alone, I sit home F  by the phone,
waiting for  Am  you, baby.
 Dm  Through the years,
how can you  F  stand to hear,
my pleading  E  for you dear ?  You know I'm crying Ooh ooh ooh ooh.
 Am Go, go, Am7  go  where yo D  u want,
but  Dm7 don't leave me here Am  forever.
 Am You, you, Am7  you stay D  away,
so  Dm7 long girl, I see you Am  never.
What  Dm  can I do
girl to get  F  through to you ?
Cause I  Am  love you baby.
Sta Dm nding here, baptisted in F  all my tears,
baby  E  through the years,    You know I'm crying Ooh ooh ooh ooh.
You  Am  never worry,
and  G you never shed a Am  tear.
You  Am saying that my lov Am  e ain't real,
just  E  look at my face,  these tears ain't drying
 Am You, you, Am7  you can neve D  r say,
that  Dm7 I'm not the one who really Am  loves you.
I  Am pray, pray, Am7  pray ever D  y day
that  Dm7 you'll see things, girl like Am  I do.


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