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Intro : G   D/F#   Em   Em/D   Cm7   D   G   D4   D 
 G  Another summer day
 D/F#  Has come and gone away
 Em In Paris and  Em/D  Rome
But I wanna go  Cm7  home
 D Mmmmm D mmm       D4       D 
 G  Maybe surrounded by
 D/F#  A million people I
 Em Still feel all a Em/D  lone
I just wanna go  Cm7  home
Oh I m D iss you, y G  ou know
And I've been  Cm7 keeping all the letters that I  Em9  wrote to you
In each one a  A4 line or two   A7 
« I'm fine baby,  C how are you ? »    D4       D 
Well I would s Cm7 end them but I know that it's just  Em9  not enough
My words were  Fm7  cold and flat
And you deserve  D4 more than t D  hat
 G  Another aeroplane
 D/F#  Another sunny place
 Em I'm lucky I kn Em/D  ow
But I wanna go  Cm7  home
Mmmm, I've  D got to go  G home     D4       D 
Let me go h G ome  D      Em       Bm 
I'm just too far from where you are
I w D anna come h G ome     D 
Instrumental : G   D/F#   Em   Em/D   Cm7   D   G 
And I  Cm7 feel just like I'm living someone  Em9  else's life
Just like I just s A4 tepped outside   A 
When everything was g Cm7 oing right   D4       D 
And I  Cm7 know just why you could not
Come  Em9  along with me
But this was  Fm7  not your dream
But you always be D4 lieved in  D  me
 G Another winter day  D/F# has come and gone away
 Em And even Paris and  Em/D  Rome
And I wanna go  Cm7  home
 D Let me go h G ome     D4       D 
 G And I'm surrounded by  D/F#  a million people I
G4 G7
Still feel alone
Oh, let me go  Cm7  home
Oh, I m D iss you,  G you know     D4       D 
Let me go h G ome  D      Em       Bm 
I've had my  Cm7  run Baby, I'm done
I g D otta go h G ome    D 
Let me go  G home D     Em       Bm 
It'll all be al Cm7  right
I'll be home ton D4 ight I'm coming back  G  home


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