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Intro :                          
  Another summer day
  Has come and gone away
  In Paris and   Rome
But I wanna go   home
  Mmmmm  mmm               
  Maybe surrounded by
  A million people I
  Still feel all a  lone
I just wanna go   home
Oh I m  iss you, y  ou know
And I've been   keeping all the letters that I   wrote to you
In each one a   line or two    
« I'm fine baby,   how are you ? »            
Well I would s  end them but I know that it's just   not enough
My words were   cold and flat
And you deserve   more than t  hat
  Another aeroplane
  Another sunny place
  I'm lucky I kn  ow
But I wanna go   home
Mmmm, I've   got to go   home             
Let me go h  ome                
I'm just too far from where you are
I w  anna come h  ome      
Instrumental :                    
And I   feel just like I'm living someone   else's life
Just like I just s  tepped outside    
When everything was g  oing right           
And I   know just why you could not
Come   along with me
But this was   not your dream
But you always be  lieved in   me
  Another winter day   has come and gone away
  And even Paris and   Rome
And I wanna go   home
  Let me go h  ome             
  And I'm surrounded by   a million people I
G4 G7
Still feel alone
Oh, let me go   home
Oh, I m  iss you,   you know             
Let me go h  ome                
I've had my   run Baby, I'm done
I g  otta go h  ome     
Let me go   home              
It'll all be al  right
I'll be home ton  ight I'm coming back   home


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