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Paroles et musique :Merle Haggard
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  The first thing I remember   knowin'was a l  onesome whistle b  lowin',
And a   youngun's dream of   growin'up to r  ide,
On a   freight train leavin't  own, not k  nowin'where I'm bo  und.
And   no one could change my   mind but Momma   Tried.
  One and only Rebel   child from a   fam'ly meek and   mild
My   momma seemed to to   know what lay in   store,
'Spite   all my Sunday   learnin'towards the b  ad I kept on t  urnin',
'Til   momma couldn't   hold me any  more.
And I turned   twenty-one in prison doin'l  ife without parol  e,
No   one could steer me right but Mamma   Tried, Momma Tried
Momma   Tried to raise me better but her   pleading I de  nied
And that leaves   only me to blame, cause Momma   Tried
  Dear ole'daddy, rest his s  oul left my m  om a heavy l  oad,
She   tried so very   hard to feel his   shoes,
Workin'h  ours without r  est, wanted m  e to have the b  est
She   tried to raise me   right but I re  fused.


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