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Intro : A   E/D  (2x)
I  A  hate the world today
 D You're so good to me I  A  know but I can't change
 D Tried to tell you but you  F#m  look at me like maybe
I'm and  G(sus4) angel underneath D  innocent and sweet
Y A  esterday I cried
 D You must have been relieved  A  to see the softer side
 D I can understand how you'd be  F#m  so confused I don't envy you
I'm a  G(sus4) little bit of everything  D  all rolled into one
I'm a  A bitch I'm a lover I'm a  E  child I'm a mother
I'm a  G(sus4) sinner I'm a saint I  D  do not feel ashamed
I'm your  A hell I'm your dream I'm  E  nothing in between
You know you  F#m wouldn't want it any other  D  way
So  A  take me as I am
 D This may mean you'll have to A  be a stronger man
 D Rest assured that when I  F#m  start to make you nervous
And I'm  G(sus4) going to extreme tomorrow I will c D  hange and today won't mean a thing
Instrumental : A   E   F#m   D   A   E   G(sus4)   D 
 E  Just when you think you got me
Figured out the  F#m season's already chan D  gin'
 E I think it's cool you  F#m do what ya do and  D  don't try to save me
I'm a  A bitch I'm a tease I'm a  E  goddess on my knees
When you  G(sus4) hurt when you suffer I'm  D  your angel undercover
I've been  A numb I'm revived can't  E  say I'm not alive
You know I  F#m wouldn't want it any other  D  way
 A      E      F#m        D      A       E      F#m        D     A  I'm a  bitch ! ! !


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