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Paroles et musique :Melissa L Etheridge
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Intro :  
M  iss California what did I do wrong
I  t seems I've loved you
F  or just a little too long
You've gone and l  eft me
For some preacher's w  ay
Now you   act  N.C. like you never knew me
And you can't hear a word I say
M  iss California did I get in your way
D  id the neighbors warn you
W  hat would happen some day
That a love like mi  ne
Was never good anyw  ay
They said   thin N.C. k about your reputation now
Before you get carried away
Don't you   know what's good for m  e can be good for you       
Don't you k  now what's good for   me can be good for you       
Don't you kno  w what is good for yo  u
Can b  e good for me   too   
Don't you know   what's good for me   can be good for you       
Miss Cal  ifornia was I a little too proud
I  'm standing in the streets now
A  nd I'm screaming out loud
You try to shove me in your cl  oset
With your skulls and your bon  es
I   can be who I am you see
I  f I want to do it all alone
Yea  h yeah yea  h yea           
Don't you kno  w what's good for m  e could be good for you           
Don't you kn  ow what is good for y  ou
Can be   good for me to  o     
Don't you kn  ow what's good for me   could be good for   you       
Y  our sweet seduction led me far from home
Y  our self-destruction gives me sticks and stones
Y  our propositions make me feel so   cold
When the hand that's trying to hold me down
Is the one I'm trying to hold
I know the hand that's trying to hold me down
Is the one I'm trying to hold
I said the hand that's trying to force me back
Is the one that won't let me go
Miss Calif  ornia      Ye  ah yeah y  eah    (x4)
Yeah yeah yeah
Ah huh
You know what's good for me


mam1966, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-10-23
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