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Paroles et musique :Melissa L Etheridge
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A   shot in the dark I   woke up to find
Y  ou had broke all the rules a  nd you changed your mind
D  idnt I love you good D  idnt I love you right
T  hen tell me where are you going dressed to k  ill tonight
T  his ones gunna hurt l  ike h  ell
A  nswer my prayers and a  nswer the phone
Think t  wice about it baby turn a  round and come on home
Lover s  top lover dont lover s  top lover lover p  lease.
I  ts the same ol tune.  ..
I  ts the same ol game.  ..
I  f there was just one thing  
I  t would be your love thats.  ..
Oh t  his ones gunna hurt l  ike h  ell..


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