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Paroles et musique :Melissa Etheridge
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Y  ou brought me to trust you brought me to tears
I  n one tender touch the pain disappears
I   have been to the sword seen it come seen it die
A  s we enter the dark I beseech you to try
  In prophecy all good things must end
So take   care my love my   friend
Keep it   precious   ohhh
K  eep it precious
T  his yielding is fine this promise rare
O  ne day at a time we've agreed to dare
H  olding you tight with wide open arms
I  'm letting you go no stranger to harm
  Ride your way do not break or bend
Just take   care my love my   friend
Keep it   precious   ohhh
Keep it   precious
And the   wonder let the wonder never ce  ase
And the   madness of the pleasure and ecstasy
Danger believing me
W  ounding and healing me please
Keep it   precious
I   believe in your eyes I believe in your fate
I   believe we can fly on the wings we create
A   voice from behind calls up anger and fear
W  e can silence that scream it's simple and clear
  Nothing must die only if failed to mend
So take   care my love my   friend
Keep it p  recious
  Ohh keep it p  recious
  Ohh ohh just keep it p  recious
  Ooo ohh keep it p  recious
My   love hol  d on keep it   precious  
So   precious
My l  ove hold on keep it   precious        
My   love hol  d on keep it   precious
My l  ove....  .. keep it pr  ecious ohh yeah
My   love h  old on keep it p  recious
Ohh   my love   ohh my preci  ous
Ohh   my love   lets keep it   precious
My love my love my   love my   love
lets keep it p  recious
So hold hold h  old hold   on
keep it   precious
My   love hol  d on keep it   precious keep it precious
My   love hol  d on keep it   precious
My   love hol  d on        


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