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Paroles :Melissa Etheridge, Pierre Delanoe
Musique :Melissa Etheridge, Becaud Gilbert
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I   know you're home
you left your light on
y  ou know I'm here
t  he night is thin  
I   know your alone
I watched the car leave
y  our lover is gone
l  et me in   
o  pen your back door
I   just need to touch you once   more
I   want to come over
t  o hell with the consequence
y  ou told me you love me
t  hat's all I believe
I   want to come over
I  ts a need i cant explain
t  o see you again  
I want to come ov  er
I know your friend
you told her about me
she filled you with fear
some kind of sin
how can you turn
denying the fire
lover I burn
let me in
I know you're confused
I know that your shaken
you think well be lost
once we begin
I know your weak
I know that you want me
lover don't speak
let me in


mam1966, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-09-21
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