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Paroles et musique :Melissa L Etheridge
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  You can't take   a trip
if you don't   first say g  oodbye
  You can't find a s  tar
if you don't   look up in the   sky
You c  an't find the   light
if y  ou don't know where the   dark ends
and y  ou can't   change the Hero  es and   Friends
  You can't light   a spark
if you don'  t first carry a fl  ame
  You can't take the   weight
of a sin  gle ounce of s  hame
You   can't change the signa  l
just the   message that it sends  
the mes  sage of   the Heroes and   Frie  nds
  You can touch the sc  reen
it can   take the place o  f love
yo  u can disappear i  n ether
when   push has come t  o shove
you can   walk the nigh  t
into the   dawn and back ag  ain
lo  oking for the   Heroes and   Friends  
  You can ride the back r  oads
  of the hometowns of the   world
  You can collide on s  idewalks
in a   neon lighted   blur
Yo  u can rush the sta  ges
and b  elieve the words ag  ain
loo  king for   the Heroes and   Fri  ends
  You can dedicate yo  ur life
to   breaking down   the walls
  to ringing the   alarm
  screaming down th  e halls
you c  an stand the judg  ment
of t  he meaning in the e  nd
that w  e are al  l just Heroes   and Frie  nds
Ohh ohh wh  aoo oh                    
Ohh ohh   whaoo   oh               
Ohh ohh w  haoo oh                    
Ohh   ohh wha  oo oh
      O  h Yeah                                     
  Looking f  or the Heroes a  nd Fri  ends
Ohh oh  h whaoo whaaoo                     
Ohh   ohh whaoo wh  aaoo
      Oh Y  eah                 
Wh  y do we sacrifice our   lives
To   what is left when it all en  ds
Wh  en all we want is   heroes and frien  ds


mam1966, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-10-09
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