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Paroles et musique :Melissa Etheridge
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If you ask me I will say I'm f  ine
All   pink like birthday girls and vale  ntines        
And then the stillness of the   night reminds  
That I don't like to be alone              
My thoughts are race cars running 'round my   head  
They burst into flames and they crash into my   bed         
Until I fall into a dream   instead  
Where all my lovers turn to st  one          
And all I want is compa  ny
Someone   to understand this misery          
Send a reflection of   myself to me
'  Cause everybody needs some compan  y             
These times I'm living in just mak  e no sense
  Sometimes my face gets pushed against the fen  ce           
I want to scream out in   my self-defense  
But I don't want to be a  lone        
And all I want is comp  any
Someone   to understand this misery         
Send a reflection of m  yself to me
'  Cause everybody needs some company   ohh  hh    
W  hat is tr  uth and what is f  ear
Will I fi  nd it under he  re
I   know the  y're selling me a l  ie
But I'm f  irst in line to buy  
First in line to t  ry
I find some sanity on the writ  ten page  
Where life is worth more than a living   wage        
Oh they say the battle's over now it's t  ime to change
Ohhh a  nd I won't ever be alon  e  O  hh    
And all I want is comp  any
Someone   to understand this misery  
Send a reflection of myself to m  e              
'Cause everybo  dy needs some company  
Someone   to understand this misery          
Send a reflection of mysel  G#Mf to me  m A(sus2) mmm
'Cause everybody needs some  compan  y            
Need some c  ompa  ny                         
Ohhhhhhhhhh  h    
Need some co  mpany        ye  ah                 


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